Haworth Beige Saffron 32″ Tall

Haworth Beige Saffron 32″ Tall


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Quantity: 60 As of 3-08-18
Size(s): 6×6

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Haworth Beige Saffron 32″ Tall

  • Manufacturer: Haworth
  • Product Line: Premise
  • Panel Fabric: Tatami Saffron
  • Panel Height: 32″ Tall
  • Trim: Beige
  • Surface Style: 3mm Edge in Beige
  • Surface Depth: 24″ Deep
  • Laminate: Beige
  • Size:6×6
  • Pedestal Qty and Configuration:  (1) Box Box File in Graphite
  • Overhead Qty and Configuration: None
  • Duplex Qty: 2 Duplexes in Raceway
  • Tack Boards and Task Lights: None
  • Power: Chicago Code Kits Available
  • Pricing: As Shown
Available Upgrades:
New Fabric, New Worksurfaces, Painted Trim, Completely Refurbished with New Fabric, Surfaces, and Painted Trim

Pricing based on 6 pack layout. Other layouts available but may incur additional charges.


Beige Saffron -AOI Revised 12-7-17

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