More space, better commute for employees and an updated look are just a few of the many reasons why businesses move. The often-complex process of moving, however, can often be an overwhelming task, and one that should not be done alone. In fact, picking the right furniture dealer to partner with will directly impact the success of the move.

No Need to Go New if You Don’t Have to

Affordable Office Interiors is unique in the fact that when a large company moves, we are able to buy back their furniture and resell it as either used or re-manufactured. This sustainable practice results in incredible deals for our clients – sometimes more than 80% off the original price. The practice of ‘blending’ means you can furnish your space with a mix of both new and this used or manufactured product to experience incredible savings.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

There are two types of blending and both offer our clients options and value: Blending a used workstation – we can upgrade a used workstation with new fabric or new work surfaces to meet specific design requirements. We frequently blend new and used products on the same installation,” explains William Reid, an AOI Senior Account Manager with over 30 years of experience. “Maybe the installation requires a sharp client focused area such as a conference room, or a collaborative area that could not only be new but even higher grade if desired… while the back end of the office features used work stations.”

You Want an Experienced Team

Cutting corners might seem tempting for a complex and expensive project. After all, you want to move your entire office without any disruptions, and you want to do it at a cost-effective rate. Unfortunately, this can lead to undesirable and unforeseen costs, outcomes and problems. Instead, choose a trusted dealer to partner with that has decades of industry expertise and has furnished enough spaces to both save you money and steer you clear of move-related issues.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

AOI Senior Account Manager Gary McIntosh explains “360º workspace services provide our customers a true “turn key” experience. Our in-house capabilities allow us to provide superior service to our customers from the early planning phase through delivery and installation. AOI can also help with the decommissioning of a customer’s old furniture.”

Getting Started

When starting your move, consider these three important factors:

  • Partner with a “turnkey” furniture dealer
  • Partner with a good mover
  • Partner with a good IT contractor

Gary’s 30 years of experience have taught him that clients need to consider these important factors early on in the move process:

  • Budget – failure to do this properly will result in cost overruns and missing deadlines
  • Don’t forget to account for future growth
  • Stick to the schedule – once you get behind, it’s difficult to get back on track with all the moving pieces of a move

This is where AOI can greatly benefit to your office move. We can help you:

  • Prepare a budget
  • Develop a move phase plan
  • Help you determine what will be reused, donated or destroyed
  • Provide a modern, efficient workspace
  • Provide access to new technology
Affordable Office Interiors Expert

The value in having a great office furniture dealer partner is that they get to know you as the client and your project in detail to anticipate your needs in regard to furniture and when those needs pop up unexpectedly,” says Nicole Wynkoop, AOI’s Senior Project Designer. “They will respond quickly and with options that will fulfill whatever challenge you put in front of them.

Opportunity Awaits

Moving an entire office, whether it be a business with less than 10 people, or an organization with over a 100, can be stressful. AOI is here to help, with 360º turnkey services and decades of expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your move will be taken care of.