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Experience 360º Workspace Services

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Experience 360º Workspace Services

AOI is proud to be one of the only commercial furniture dealerships in the country to provide a full suite of turnkey in-house services to take a workspace project from design to installation. We call this comprehensive suite 360º Workspace Services. Keeping the work in-house allows us to keep your project on time and on budget by minimizing outliers and maximizing control. We are also 100% employee owned, which means you work with a team of owners on EVERY project. No one cares more about your space than we do. We invite you to explore the services outlined on this page and then to stop into one of our public showrooms or give us a ring to discover why going 360º will make all the difference for your next workspace.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Space Planning and Design

AOI provides quality, professional design and space planning support to ensure a project’s success. Our designers employ CAD systems which provide accurate specifications, product lists, renderings and installation drawings. We are knowledgeable of codes and regulations, competitive products, fabric and finish schemes, and new, flexible work styles. Our designers are licensed in the State of Illinois and offer assurance that when it comes to the overall design of your office, our professionals guarantee that no question will go unanswered.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Technology Integration

AOI has solutions to integrate technology in today’s fluid furniture solutions. Most collaborative work spaces today require a variety of video conferencing technology products. Collaboration happens anywhere—in physical spaces, digital domains and often both. Wherever it occurs, space plays a central role in hosting and boosting how people collaborate. AOI has the solutions to create a space that’s optimized for interaction.

AOI 360 Workspace Services


AOI provides remanufactured products that conserve resources, thus reducing the negative impact on our environment. AOI restores valuable assets to their original working condition and appearance for approximately one third of the cost of new. Whether simply applying new fabric or re-laminating worksurfaces, our ability to make old furniture new again has outfitted thousands of office spaces throughout the Chicagoland area.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Inventory and Warehouse Management

AOI has a 150,000 S. F. warehouse that allows us to provide our customers long term storage options in our environmentally controlled storage space. Our warehouse management allows us to assist clients with obsolete or excess office furniture. We assist in eliminating these items from your current office interiors and pair our service with low storage costs.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Buy Backs, Trade Ins, and Rentals

AOI has a robust staff of certified, professional and knowledgeable furniture installers allowing us to maximize the responsiveness to our clients’ individual needs. Our installers are continually trained and we constantly monitor their level of service. We provide Union or non-union labor at the most competitive industry rates. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and are always available to respond to emergency calls quickly.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Project Management

AOI will apply experience from thousands of installations to continually improve our project management process. Our proven methods include safeguards designed to ensure that your products are accurately specified, ordered, and installed. We truly care about the outcome of your project and your complete satisfaction and we strive to exceed your expectations and provide an overall office interior that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally operational for your specific company needs.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Trade-In, Buy-Back and Decommissioning

AOI will make the process of liquidating your office furniture convenient and stress free. Our process is seamless and consists of purchasing your unwanted goods, disassembly, removal and providing you detailed information as well as value appraisals. We offer competitive prices and assist in repurposing, donation or disposal depending on the state of the furniture upon liquidation.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Rental and Leasing

In order to outfit your new or existing office environment with the furniture solutions right for your work style, we offer a wide variety of financial options. We provide you with both rental and leasing options to remain within your budget. Our rental and leasing office furniture options are the perfect solution to creating an impressive workspace while still preserving company funds. We understand that the workplace is constantly evolving, so we work with you to create a flexible rental agreement, whether short-term or long-term.

AOI 360 Workspace Services

Our Promise

Wether your a startup or a fortune 100 company, every client we partner with receives the same exception service founded on integrity and powered by our commitment to your success.

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