Haworth Improv® H.E. High Back Chair

Haworth Improv® H.E. High Back Chair


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Haworth Improv® H.E. High Back Chair


Proven ergonomic performance. A member of the world’s largest ergonomic seating family, the Improv H.E. desk chair offers easy-to-use adjustments to accommodate people of all types and sizes.

Manufacture: Haworth

Style: Improv H.E. High-Back Chair with Task Arms

Model: M251-1442-3A-02-TR-F

Outer Shell: Polypropylene

Arms: Standard, soft black vinyl arm caps

Sliding Seat Pan: 3″

Casters: Standard with hard casters

Base: Standard plastic

Mechanism: Swivel with synchronized-tilt

Height Adjustment: Pneumatic

SH: 16″ – 21″
H: 36.5″ – 45″
D: 24″ – 27.25″
W: 25″

Fabric: Burgundy

Condition: Excellent, Used As-Is


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