In today’s market, there are vendors that specialize in nearly everything, offering a solution for a common problem, or catering to a certain niche. Very few vendors out there however can do more than their targeted solution can allow for.

Instead of having a plethora of different vendors where it then becomes seeminly impossble to keep track of anything, find a vendor that can offer it all, like how Affordable Office Interiors offer 360 Degree Workspace Services.

What Exactly is 360 Degree Workspace Services?

In layman’s terms, 360 Degree Workspace Services is very similar to a turn key experience, where an organization can go to a vendor and get all of their needs within one place; a truly one-stop shop. Affordable Office Interiors 360 Degree services includes solutions to meet any office furniture need, from installation to design, planning and recycling of old furniture. By aligning and partnering with Affordable Office Interiors, an organization can ensure that all risk is mitigated by going with a vendor that does everything in house and never outsources, which is a rarity within this industry.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

“Affordable Office Interiors is truly a one stop shop for all office furniture needs. AOI offers great value and efficiencies to all of our customers.” – William Reid, Senior Account Manager.

What Are The Benefits?

Going with one vendor over multiple vendors to achieve the same outcome can yield many benefits, one mostly being a cost-savings one. By choosing to go with one vendor one can achieve cost-savings flexibility that normally couldn’t be achieved before. Eliminating any unnecessary costs can funnel money back into programs or resources that wasn’t able be done before, which can give any organization an added boost.

Another benefit is the removal of any headaches or pain points from managing multiple relationships happening in unison. Instead of having an entire morning blocked off to meet with every vendor, one can now knock out everything within one meeting, thus freeing up ones schedule. By combining the cost-savings with the time management aspect (time is money), all of a sudden an organization can get much needed breathing room.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

“Our 360 Degree Workspace Services provide our customers true “turn key” experience. Our in-house capabilities allow us to provide superior service to our customers from the early planning phase through delivery and installation. AOI an also help with the decommissioning of a customers old furniture.” – Gary McIntosh, Senior Account Manager.

Anything Else to Know?

Whether you need your office to be decommissioned due to an upcoming move, or you need new furniture to supplement some new hires recently made, going to a one-stop shop can make the buying process a lot easier. Affordable Office Interiors is the only dealer in the Midwest that offers a truly unique 360 Degree Workspace Services experience, so you can rest easy knowing that any office furniture needs are in good hands.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

“AOI offers services from Decommissioning a clients existing space, providing low cost used solutions that are great for short term and long term leases as well as providing New Manufacturer options. We offer rental and loaner furniture if spaces are not ready when anticipated. We have Union and Non Union installation crews. A combination of all of our services allows for a complete Turnkey experience.”  – Nicole Wynkoop, Project Designer.

AOI Can Help

Give AOI a call today at 630-784-7730 and one of our experts can give you a detailed demonstration on how your business can benefit from our 360 Degree Workspace Services.