When most people think of used furniture they typically picture furniture that is out-of-date, stained, or scratched to no return. The idea of using furniture that is pre-used can be a huge turn off for some, but it’s actually not as bad as one might think! There are multiple benefits to blending new and used furniture in your new workspace. We talked with our AOI experts and asked them why they think blending new and used furniture can be beneficial, here’s what they have to say. 

Maximize Your Budget

Revamping your space can get pricey, especially when looking to add new storage to your space. However, combining new and used furniture into your new workspace can help you maximize your budget and get the most our of your new design. If you have an endless budget, then by all means invest in all new furniture if you wish, but how often does that scenario exist? Most companies have a set amount of money that they can spend when looking to revamp their space, but by blending new and used furniture into your new design, you’ll be able to spend your money where you really need it, such as customer facing areas versus the areas that customers may never see. Tony De Almeida, one of our workspace design consultants in our Milwaukee, IL location, explains it best…

“It is the best of both worlds! It allows for greater flexibility for decision makers when working with a limited budget. An ideal workplace may cost a client $100,000 but their budget may only allow them to stretch as far as $70,000. It may be possible for the client to consider spending money on high quality used workstations, instead of brand new workstations. Workstations tend to take up the bulk of most furniture costs. The price differential in most cases hover around 50%, meaning a new workstation may cost a business owner $2,000 while a high quality used workstation might be at $1,000. With the saved money, the client can either save it and not stretch the budget, or re-invest that in other areas, such as a better quality chair, upgrade computer technology, etc.” – Tony De Almeida, Workspace Design Consultant

Installing Used Furniture is Recycling

It can be really easy to overlook, or not even realize, that when most companies, and homeowners, get rid of their old furniture it ends up in landfills. Through AOI, we work to minimize the amount of furniture waste in landfills by decommissioning furniture during renovations. A lot of the time, furniture comes to us because the client is looking to update their design to stay with the ever-evolving workspace design trends—meaning the furniture isn’t necessarily old and ragged, it just doesn’t fit with their design anymore. On top of this, AOI offers the option to have used furniture refurbished to match your current office design, giving the used furniture a completely new feeling and look.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

“Much like when buying a house, you can get more bang for your buck if you are willing to put a little work in and see the bones of a house as something to build on, and not the ugly green shag carpeting as something that cant be replaced. Used furniture allows us to provide a less expensive, great quality product for the bones of the work space, but apply new fabric, finishes, surfaces, and newer trends of storage where desired in order to have a forward thinking space, but not have to pay the high dollar amount of brand new products. Also, it saves on landfills.” – Nycole Wynkoop, Director of Design