Based on experience… we tend to associate low prices with low quality. But here at AOI and BOS… that’s not the case. And here’s why…

Commercial grade furniture is built to last… for decades. Intended for rigorous, everyday use… quality and durability is one of the key differences between commercial and residential furniture.

In fact, it’s the high quality commercial pieces that make it through their initial use and back into our warehouse for resale. That’s the beauty of decommissioning!

Cheap, junky furniture never makes it through its first workspace… but the good stuff makes it back to our warehouse, gets a quick makeover if needed, and is ready to go back out into the work world. We call this the sustainability cycle!

While you’ll always get a great deal and a great selection at Affordable Office Interiors, the volume of furniture we have arriving at our docks changes constantly. When we have a lot in house, the deals get extreme!

So help us out by helping yourself to amazing commercial-grade furniture from the world’s top manufacturers… and prices you wont find anywhere else.

AOI 360 Services

From Design to Installation

AOI is proud to offer 360º Workspace services. Wether you’re moving, refreshing or upgrading, we control every aspect of the workspace process in-house to own the results and maximize your office furniture budget.

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