Moving offices can be extremely stressful, especially in today’s economic and cost-sensitive times. Trying to find a mover that can accomplish an extensive punch list in a diligent manner while also pinching pennies can seem like an impossible task, especially when taking all risks into consideration. However, there are numerous ways to identify and mitigate these risks without breaking the bank.

Set a Budget and Stick With It

The biggest risk that will sound familiar to just about every organization looking to move is create a realistic budget. When moving to a new facility, it is very easy to go above a set budget, and when a move goes above budget, things can get out of hand in a matter of minutes.

When creating a budget, creating what is called a “move phase plan” will help steer things in the correct path, and will ensure that nothing goes above budget. This move plan will detail every aspect of the move, from scouting out open, vacant facilities to the end of the move when everything is settled in.

Creating this move plan might take some extra man hours to complete, but doing this will make sure that everything stays according to plan. If one needs help with creating the move plan, turning to the commercial office furniture partner and asking them questions and allowing them to assist with the plan will mitigate any mistakes that may happen.

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“One of the biggest risks when moving to a new facility is cost overruns from a failure to make a proper budget. Preparing the budget with a move phase plan will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and that nothing goes above budget.” – Gary McIntosh, Senior Account Manager.

Account for Downtime

An aspect of moving to a new facility that most often overlook is downtime and many logistics surrounding your employees ability to work. For instance, one needs to ask themselves:

  • Are we moving current furniture or purchasing new?
  • If we are moving our own furniture, can our employees work from home while the furniture is being knocked down and reinstalled?
  • Can the move be phased to accommodate being in one space while the new space is being prepared?

To mitigate all of these risks, it is best to engage with whoever the furniture dealer/partner is to help answer some of these questions. The furniture dealer will be able to determine the pros and cons of the current space being move into, along with assisting with choosing the best space option. Once the dust on that settles, the furniture dealer will then be able to help decide if buying new or reinstalling furniture is the best option to take, depending on budget restraints from the previous point and the space being move into.

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“Once everything is in order and the space plan is determined, then the next steps is to determine on ordering new furniture, deciding on lead time and time to install all of the furniture, along with determining if going to use union or non-union installers.” – Nycole Wynkoop, Project Designer

Allow Enough Time

Another impact area that many do not consider is staying within time constraints and not meeting move and/or logistical deadlines. Creating deadlines for every step of the move is just as important as creating a budget. More times than not, when not meeting a specific deadline, the likelyhood of going above a budget increases tenfold.

To prevent this, creating a move plan helps like listed in the previous paragraph, but also interviewing and meeting with your furniture dealer will help tremendously when creating deadlines. A furniture dealer is will versed and experienced with creating deadlines to meet, and doing the furniture dealer interview process will also help choose the right partner.

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“Making a wishlist of needs and goals for the new office and establishing a budget for real estate costs and move related costs will help make sure that all deadlines are met when it comes to your new facility move.”  – William Reid, Senior Account Manager.

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