Turnkey is turning into one of those words that so many organizations throw around like it is candy. It appears all over website copy, email marketing, social media posts, and even in in-person sales pitches. What exactly does this word mean, and is it just another fad/buzzword that will eventually fade into dust?

What is Turnkey?

First, one needs to understand what turnkey means. Simply put, turnkey means a complete product or service that is immediately ready for use. In layman’s terms, turnkey is a company that can do it all, so in the example of Affordable Office Interiors, turnkey means AOI can do every step of the office furniture process, from initial design phases to installing the furniture.

What’s so great about turnkey services is that an organization gets the complete package. No need to have multiple vendors do separate jobs of the process, which in turn makes it extremely difficult to keep track of each phase of the project. But instead, a business can have a one stop shop for everything that is in need for their office furniture.

Affordable Office Interiors Expert

“Our 360 Degree Workspace services provides our customers true “turn key” experience. AOI’s in-house capabilities allow us to provide superior service to our customers from the early planning phase through delivery and installation. AOI can also help with the decommissioning of a customer’s old furniture.”

Not Just a Trend

With that said, turnkey is not just a buzzword anymore, but instead, a shift in multiple industries to offer better service to the end customer. Gone are the days where it was impossible to track down a vendor that went cold, or a delay in the timeline due to another vendor not doing their due diligence.

With Affordable Office Interiors, we offer what is called 360 Workspace Services. This service can positively impact clients and customers in several different ways:

  1. One stop shop for any needs
  2. Everything done internally, minimizing risk for a business
  3. Lower costs than going with multiple vendors
Affordable Office Interiors Expert

AOI offers services from decommissioning a clients existing space, providing low cost used solutions that are great for short term and long term leases as well as providing new manufacturer options. AOI offers rental and loaner furniture if spaces are not ready when anticipated. AOI also has Union and Non Union installation crews. A combination of all of our services allows for a complete Turnkey experience.