Having a reliable office furniture dealer partner can be one of the most valuable assets to your business. But, what makes a great office furniture dealer partner so valuable? Our experts answered what qualities of a furniture dealer partner make it valuable.

Efficiency is Key

There’s value in developing a relationship with a great furniture dealer partner because of the help the client receives in making furniture installation processes as fast as possible. A common aspect of a great partner involves the creation of a move plan which helps steer things in the correct path, and ensures every step of the move is accounted for. A great furniture dealer’s move plan will put the client’s collaboration notes first, but will take care of the entire installation process so the client doesn’t have to.

This process of developing a move plan is much more efficient than collaborating on every aspect of the move. When there’s a solid trust developed between the partner and the client, the furniture dealer partner has the tools and the time needed to process the installation while the client trusts in the quality of the job.

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“A great office furniture dealer partner makes the furniture process flow smoothly. We guide our customers through the process in a systematic and orderly sequence. AOI handles the important details to ensure a successful project.” – Gary McIntosh, Senior Account Manager.

Relationships Matter

The value of a great office furniture dealer partner lies in the relationships formed between partners. Whether it involves moving into a new location, an office renovation, or just needing a rush delivery on a product, developing a relationship with a great office furniture dealer partner allows for flexibility through the creation of office spaces.

When it comes to moving to a new location, the furniture dealer will be able to determine the opportunities and any potential risks associated with the space being move into. Having a good relationship with your furniture office dealer allows a trust to develop in regards to decision making. The furniture dealer partner will then be able to help decide if buying new or reinstalling furniture is the best option to take, along with giving advice on the best space option.

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“The value in having a great office furniture dealer partner is that they get to know you as the client and your project in detail to anticipate your needs in regards to furniture. When those needs pop up unexpectedly they will respond quickly and with options that will fulfill whatever challenge you put in front of them.” – Nycole Wynkoop, Project Designer

All-Around Services

A great office furniture dealer will have the tools to handle as much of the installation process as possible. Besides initial direction and desires from the client, a great furniture dealer will be able to handle the logistics of planning, moving, and installation. The best furniture dealers will even be able to offer decommissioning plans on previously-used furniture.

There’s so much that goes into a move besides the move-in day. From planning and client collaboration, to logistics and scheduling, the value of developing a relationship with a great office furniture dealer is realized through comprehensive installation services that allow the client to focus on their own business.

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“In order for a project to be successful we need a certain amount of direction and collaboration with the client. Beyond that a great office furniture dealer will allow the client to focus on their business, minimizing the distraction and time invested by the client when coordinating, planning, and advising in order to ensure success.”  – William Reid, Senior Account Manager.

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